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Whatever reason brought you to this site today, we would like to offer our condolences and a warm welcome. Everyone working on this free online memorial site has suffered a personal loss at some stage in their life, and we have all gained comfort from working on this project. 

Grief is a very personal thing, which at times can completely overwhelm you. The sad truth is that most of us, at some point in our lives will experience the loss of a loved one through death. This site is intended to help people dealing with grief, death and or bereavement by offering everyone the chance to  

use the remembrance book and obituary service to leave an online memorial completely free of charge!

The memorial Remembrance Book and Online Obituary are open to anyone that wishes to use them. You can use the obituaries in the same way as you would use a newspaper obituary and use the wonderful free book of remembrance to make a permanent online memorials that will help keep the memory of your cherished one alive for years to come.

Create a Lasting Memorial

The book has been specially designed so making an entry is easily done. It offers the opportunity to create a much more personal and lasting memorial than normal online obituary services. The real beauty of this wonderful remembrance book is that it also allows for family and friends to add their own thoughts and messages to the original memorial. We believe this will be very comforting for the person that made the actual entry and could help a whole group of family and friends benefit from using the book.

online remembrance book

Remembrance Book

Specially designed so making an entry is easily done.

Online Obituary Services

The second service we are offering is an online obituary service. The online obituary pages are again free for everyone to use. Unlike our remembrance book this service is more reminiscent of newspaper obituaries. This is a complete world wide service we are offering with a search obituaries option also available. All listings will remain online for three months from the date of posting.

obituary listings

obituary listings


Remembrance Day 

Remembrance Day also known as Poppy Day, Armistice Day or Veterans Day in the United States is a day to commemorate the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and of civilians in times of war, specifically since the First World War. It is observed on 11 November to recall the end of World War I on that date in 1918. The day was specifically dedicated by King George V, on 7 November 1919, to the observance of members of the armed forces who were killed during war; this was possibly done upon the suggestion of Edward George Honey to Wellesley Tudor Pole, who established two ceremonial periods of remembrance based on events in 1917.

Remembrance Poems

Remembrance is a golden chain
Death tries to break,
but all in vain.
To have, to love, and then to part
Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.
The years may wipe out many things
But some they wipe out never.
Like memories of those happy times
When we were all together.

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Memorial Services 

The memorial service is a service given for the deceased without the body present. This may take place after an earth burial, donation of the body to an institution such as a school, cremation however sometimes the cremations are present, entombment, or burial at sea. Typically these services take place at the funeral home and may include prayers, poems, or songs to remember the deceased. Pictures of the deceased are usually placed at the altar where the body would normally be to pay respects by.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

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